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02. select gender

After sign up using ether of the methods, the following step is to store your gender details. Kindly select your gender and proced.

03. Capture 3 poses

The next step is to capture your three poses. From your phone camera yu can capture Front pose, Side pose and Cash pose and described here. When an image is clicked, your measurements are calculated by our AI powered product and saved under measurements tab. Note that, our product does not save your image. Instead only the calculated values calculated are saved.

04. labelling

05. Measurements

The measurement tab shows you the values calculated and stored. You can choose your measurement in both Centrimeters and Inches. Remember that only these values are stored here and not your image captured.

  • Measurements not calculated will be highlighted

  • Measurements can be entered manually when necessary.

06.Size Recommendation

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Copyright © – All Rights Reserved.